Dark Star Universe is an independent arts & media organization with a focus on education through science fiction and Afri-Futurism. Our projects are geared at building dioramas to promote the idea of community building and creating narratives of black self-determination. It is our intention to create arts media that will encourage young people to use their imagination in finding creative ways to upcycle e-waste and other trash into amazing works of art.

Dark Star Universe(DSU) leads hands on workshops for youth ages 7 to 18. Our workshops feature a display of detailed dioramas created by our DSU team. Our diorama building seminar will focus on youth exploring the idea of community building by creating living dwellings inspired by traditional African architecture, science fiction and their imaginations. Each child will be given recycled materials such a cardboard, paper and plastic bottles to be used in building architectural structures. DSU instructors encourage participating youth to create dwellings that they think will provide a positive service to the community whether it is living quarters or community institutions like schools. Our DSU team leaders safely guide youth in using crafting materials such as glue sticks, papier-mâché, water based paints, stencils, decals and hot glue guns. The designs will be simplified in such a way that the young people will have the confidence to create such projects on their own. It is also our objective to show how accessible recyclable materials are in everyday use for upcycling. The participants will have the option to keep their creations or donate them to a larger Dark Star Universe diorama build that will be featured in an up and coming Stop motion film. This workshop should accommodate up to 5 to 12 participants at a time depending on the location and staff available. Parents are welcome to assist in participating with their children in the creation of the diorama piece. The workshops range from 1-2 hours with the intension to complete the small diorama within that time frame. Diorama building is not only informative; it’s a fun way to learn about recycling and building a world of the future.